Bursaries from WEST

Bursaries from WEST

Each year, WEST makes a number of small bursaries (usually between £50 – £200) to women living and studying in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, to encourage them in careers in male-dominated areas of engineering, science, technology and construction.

Applications are available between end of April/May and June/July, with awards being made in time for September that year .

Please help

There are lots of ways you can help us make a difference to local women training in male-dominated trades and jobs.

  • Come to our annual film night. It’s usually in November and is our main fundraising event. Please sign up for our newsletter to get updates and invitations (just put your email address in the Get Updated box )
  • Please make a donation – the more funds we have, the more women that we can support!
  • Think about sponsoring some bursaries. We’ve successfully worked with companies to create specific industry bursaries – including, for example, Alcoa (in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University) and NICEIC. Please get in touch if you want to explore this idea.

Other funding

We’re sorry if you applied but weren’t successful or missed the submission date. Please check back in the next year. If you would like to find out about other potential funding meanwhile, you could try

  • Sheffield Help Yourself – this online directory has listings of funders who will give small grants to individuals. Use “funding as a key word” in your search. It is best practice to only write to funders where you fit their criteria, and to personalise each application and use up to date information.
  • South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau – SYFAB has an online database of funders and a funding newsletter for local voluntary and community groups, rather than individual people. They have produced this useful information sheet sbout Grants for Individuals.