Apply for a Bursary

Apply for a Bursary

  • For longer questions, it is a good idea to write your text in a Word or notepad document until you are happy with them, then you can cut and paste them into the online form.
  • To save your entry and come back later, you can click the button at the bottom of the page. Your data will be encrypted and stored and you can continue your entry at any time by following the link provided. Please note due to encryption we will not be able to read any of your information unless you submit your completed entry so don’t forget to submit!
  • Looking for inspiration? Read about past bursary winners from 20142015 and 2016!

Good luck!

If you would prefer, you can print off a paper application form.
Please post it to

WEST bursary application
c/o 20 Glencoe Road,
S2 2SR

If you have any questions about the bursaries, please contact Ros on 07941 141126 or or Pat on 01773761153 or