Bursary winners 2013

We’ll be announcing the 2014 WEST bursary winners soon, but meanwhile here are last year’s seven wonderful winners.

Audrey Chivaura

Audrey is studying engineering at Sheffield College. She was awarded £50 towards her study costs.

Audrey’s story

 audrey small

“I was shocked! I didn’t think I would get it. It’s been a great help with transport at the beginning of the year.”

“I want to do robotics or mechanical engineering in the future, maybe the prosthetics side of robotics.”


Carolyn Wright

Caz is training to be a painter and decorator, first at Chesterfield College and now Central College Nottingham.  She was awarded £100 towards a specialist training course in Lincrusta wall coverings.

Caz’s story

Caz small

“It paid for me to do the training – I’m an approved Lincrusta installer now!”

 “I want to develop my skills to ensure I am viable in the work market as I’m no spring chicken!” 


Jessica Hawksworth

Jess has just started an apprenticeship with Tata Steel, after completing her engineering training at Sheffield College. She was awarded £50 towards travel and equipment costs.

Jess’ story

Jess small

“For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to do engineering. I can’t really remember a time that I didn’t!”

“I honestly didn’t think I’d get it, but it has been appreciated by being able to buy new work boots.”


Jill Evans

Jill is doing a part-time diploma in Construction and the Built Environment at Sheffield College. She is a bricklayer and also works as a student support worker. She was awarded £100 towards college enrolment fees.

Jill’s story

Jill small

“I was really surprised, but it came in handy! I can keep going.”

“I’d like to go on now and do an HND and HNC and then into teaching.”

Jodie Robbins

Jodie is training to be a painter and decorator at Leeds College of Building and setting up her own business. She was awarded £100 towards equipment costs.

Jodie’s story


“I’m a single mother on benefits, but I want to start my own decorating business.”

“It’s really encouraged me. I’ve got some of the things I need to get started on my own like multi-rail ladders, and professional brushes and rollers.”


Louise Hull-Bailey

Louise is training to be a painter and decorator at Chesterfield College. She was awarded £100 towards childcare costs.

Louise’s story

Louise small

“I would like to complete level 2 and 3 so I get the skills I need to go self-employed.”

“I want to achieve my goals not just for myself but my daughter too so I can give her a better life.”

Nicole Ingram

Nicole is studying for an HND in Construction and the Built Environment at Sheffield College. She was awarded £100 towards her study costs.

Nicole’s story

Nicole small

“I was very happy when I heard I got the bursary. It meant I could get books for the course, and stationary.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a property developer. I want to be my own boss but still do hands-on work.”


2012 bursary winner – Hannah

2011 bursary winner – Holly