Bursary winners 2014

We are thrilled and proud to announce this year’s magnificent seven bursary winners:

Katie Armstrong

Katie website 1

Katie, aged 18,  is training to be a plumber at Sheffield College. She was awarded £100 towards equipment and travel costs.

“I’m a bit of girly-girl. I love shopping and I love jewellery, so some people might think it’s strange that I love plumbing too!”

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Hazel Bate

spanner website

Hazel, 16,  is from Guiseley near Leeds, and has just finished school. Her ambition is to get an apprenticeship as a car mechanic, and eventually to run her own garage. WEST gave her a bursary of £75 towards her travel costs.

“I would try to attract female customers, because I wouldn’t exploit them. I would use easier language so they could understand things.” 

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Laura Cunningham-Clarke

Laura website

Laura, 26,  is training to be a painter and decorator at Leeds College of Building, and this has really built her confidence.  She was awarded £100 towards equipment and travel costs.

“What I really like is when you go into a room and it looks shabby and then you make it look good.”

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Harriet Hirst

Harriet website

Harriet, 22,  is from Leeds and is training to be a stone mason. We awarded her £75 mainly for travel (to college, not Australia…)

“My angle is to be in Australia, and you need a trade to move. So I’m becoming a stone mason.”

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Lucy Rae

Lucy Rae website

Lucy is now 18, but when she was 16 she travelled from her home in Hampshire to take up a place at Sheffield College to train to be a sign maker. She was awarded £75 for tools.

“I was over the moon to find out that I had received the bursary to help me keep moving forward.

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Karline Symes

Karline website

Karline, 25, is a single mother of two young children who is training to be a joiner. WEST gave her £75 to go towards driving lessons. Karline has just heard that she has got an apprenticeship!

“This is it now. I’m not stopping. I’m on my way!”

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Chantelle Wrightson

chantelle website

Chantelle, 21, is from Scarborough and is also training to be a joiner. She is just finishing her apprenticeship with a building firm. She was awarded £100 to pay for tools.

“You hear it from guys all the time that women aren’t strong enough, not good enough. But all you’ve got to do is prove them wrong!”

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