Bursary winners 2015

We are proud and delighted to announce this year’s fabulous eight bursary winners!

De-lanee Ashton

Delaney De-lanee is training to be an engineer at The Sheffield College. She was awarded £100 towards equipment and travel costs.

“My overalls are the same as everyone else’s. If I want to put hearts and star patches on, then I will!”

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Paula Bowes

paula 3 website Paula lives in Leeds and is training to be a painter and decorator at Leeds College of Building. WEST gave her a bursary of £100 towards equipment.

“I was on maternity leave and one night I was painting the kitchen. The kids were in bed and I had music on the radio, and I thought: I quite like this – I wonder if I could do this for a job!” 

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Sophie Brooks

Sophie website Sophie lives in Bradford, where she is currently a support worker. She has recently completed a level 1 award in tiling, and is planning on taking further qualifications. WEST gave her £100 towards her course fees.

“If I won the lottery, I would train up and encourage other women to work in the trades, because that would be the best way to change things.”

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Phoebe Moore

Phoebe websitePhoebe has just started an engineering degree at Sheffield Hallam University. She was awarded a WEST bursary of £100 towards glasses and workwear.

“I did electrical and electronic engineering at college and I loved it! Now I’m doing it at uni.”

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Hafsah Shah

hafsah website

Hafsah is studying electrical and electronic engineering at The Sheffield College. She won a £100 WEST bursary towards future education fees.

“Don’t ever let anyone think you can’t do it just because you’re a woman. You can do it! If you enjoy it, you can do anything.

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Carol Smith

Caz Smith website Carol is training to be a painter and decorator at Leeds College of Building.  She was awarded a WEST bursary of £100 towards equipment and tools.

“I say go for it! Give it a go! And don’t worry about the lads.”

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Christie Steffen

Christie Christie is from Mansfield.  After studying engineering at West Nottingham College, she secured a plumbing  apprenticeship with a local construction company. WEST has given her a £100 bursary towards equipment and travel.

“I always get asked why did I want to come into this job because it’s dirty. And I say I don’t mind getting my hands dirty!”

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Chloe Whelan

Chloe Whelan website Chloe was born and bred in Bradford. She has just completed her level 1 in painting and decorating at Bradford College. In 2015 she was awarded a WEST bursary of £100 towards equipment.

“I was really really shocked to get the WEST bursary! I will get my own paintbrushes now.”

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