Bursary winners 2017

Another year, another 10 brilliant bursary winners!

Liva Baltvilka

Liva has just passed her Motor Vehicle level 1 qualification at Leeds City College, and will be doing levels 2 & 3 as part of a new apprenticeship.  We awarded her a £100 bursary to put towards tools, equipment and safety clothing.

“The teachers are sometimes protective, but they don’t treat us differently – maybe they cherish girls and stick up for us because there are not so many on the course.” 

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Nikki Basham

Nikki has completed levels 1 and 2 in electrical installation at Sheffield College, and is now doing her level 3. WEST awarded Nikki £100 towards tools and electrical tester in 2017.

“I didn’t want to do plumbing because I don’t like toilets. Decorating is boring, it’s just painting. So I went for electrics!”

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Victoria Clark

Vicky has just completed her level 2 in Light Vehicle Maintenance at Rotherham College. She is planning to go on to level 3, and received a WEST bursary of £100 to go towards childcare and equipment costs.

“I’ve told some ladies that I am doing this, and they look gobsmacked! They say they would like to go to a lady mechanic rather than a male one because they would feel more comfortable.”

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Indiya Hudson

Indiya works as an apprentice with a large construction company near Pontefract. She has completed level 1 bricklaying at college, and is now planning to go on to do levels 2 & 3. WEST awarded Indiya £100 towards books and travel costs.

“I have wanted to be a bricklayer since the age of 11, when I helped my dad build a bar in his backyard. I plan to eventually become a site foreman.”

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Cathy Kelland

Cathy works as a trainee joiner for a kitchen and bathroom fitting business in Sheffield. After 12 year career in science, she retrained in joinery and carpentry at the Sheffield Construction and Design Centre. Cathy received a £100 bursary from WEST in 2017 for tools.

“I’m really happy doing what I do and still have a lot to learn. My children are young and work needs to fit into family life, so I don’t feel under pressure to make long term decisions at this stage.” 

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Georgia Kimbley

Georgia is studying joinery and carpentry full-time at Derby College. She was awarded a £100 bursary from WEST to go towards tools and equipment.

“I am the only female in a class of over 20 male students – and I really enjoy the diversity of the group.”

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Tayla Moiser

Tayla has just passed her level 1 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance with flying colours at Dearne Valley College. WEST awarded her a £100 bursary to go towards clothing, equipment and travel costs.

“One of the lads said that I shouldn’t be doing the course because I was a girl, and that I should be doing health and beauty! I just looked at him and said I can do whatever I want and walked away.”

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Allicia Raw

Allicia studied motor vehicle at Leeds City College, recently completing her level 1 qualification. WEST awarded Allicia a £100 bursary to go towards steel toe cap boots and other equipment.

“When I got the bursary it was like a shock to the system as I never usually win things. If I’m honest, it made me proud to be a woman in the motor vehicle trade and to know we aren’t alone.”

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Harriet Thomas

Harriet has recently completed her level 1 & 2 qualifications in painting and decorating at Barnsley College while working as an apprentice for a local decorator. She is now setting up her own decorating business. WEST awarded Harriet a £100 bursary towards equipment and tools.

“Decorating runs in both sides of our family. My granddad on my mum’s side, and my great-granddad on my dad’s side were both decorators. Although I didn’t see them at work, it was there as an idea.”

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Stephanie Webb

Steph is studying level 1 motor vehicle at Rotherham College, and also doing unpaid work experience at a local garage. WEST gave Steph a £100 bursary to go towards childcare costs and tools.

“Women think more before they do things. If you give a bloke a hammer, he’ll go and hit that nail. He’ll not look at it, he’ll just hit it!”

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