Gwenda’s Garage

“For five years during a turbulent political and social decade, Gwenda’s was a brilliant way station for three women who used spanners and elbow grease in a male-dominated trade as the starting point for empowering a generation of South Yorkshire women.

Working at Gwenda’s Garage gave Ros, Roz and Annette the experience and passion they needed to go off and teach, and through teaching and campaigning they reached thousands of other women.”

Gwenda’s Garage was the name of the Sheffield garage that was run by female mechanics in the 1980s.

Ros Wall – the inspiration for WEST – and Roz Wollen, current WEST trustee, were both founders and workers.

Read the fascinating story of the only women’s garage in the north at that time:  Go with Gwenda’s!

This chapter was published in More Passion For Science, the ebook published to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day in 2015.