Mandy building the future

Mandy building the future

Posted on April 8, 2014 in News

mandy electrician

Sheffield electrician Mandy Reynolds has written a chapter for a hard-punching new research publication called Building the Future: Women in Construction.

Edited by Meg Munn MP and published by the Smith Institute,  Mandy contributed an excellent section called How can women be inspired to enter the industry. Mandy is also chair of WICAT and talks about her experience and the great work that they are doing in the report.

She argues that, “it is most definitely time to think differently. We should stop trying to persuade young girls that they should take our word for it that they can succeed in construction, when they cannot see any evidence of that.

Instead we must give them the evidence, by supporting and proliferating such programmes as those from the ECA, the NICEIC and WiCAT.”

You can download the report free from the Smith Institute website.