New Primary Outreach Activities


New Primary Outreach Activities

Posted on November 9, 2020 in News, Yes We Can! Kids Books

On the 2nd November we took a female STEM volunteer from the Sheffield Hallam University Aerospace Engineering course into Limpsfield school to work with their Y5’s, informing them what WEST does and why STEM is an important, fun and interesting subject and a possible career choice for everyone.

We devised an activity that was a modern version of Jack and the Bean Stalk. We read the story to them for five minutes and then asked them to work in groups of three to devise something that would bring the golden egg down the beanstalk without it cracking. They were all given lots of cardboard, cellotape, cotton wool and other materials to do this……and each group was given a hard boiled, gold painted egg.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activity, testing their designs at the front of the class to see if their egg had cracked.

Evaluation was collected at the end of the activity with comments including:

The lesson taught me to try and try

I liked when we tried to not make the egg break

I liked the lesson because it was fun

I learnt how many types of engineer there are

If you are interested in us visiting your school, please send an email to