Yes We Can Posters

Yes We Can Posters - Gemma and Audrey Yes We Can Posters - Ayesha and Saffire Yes We Can Posters - Sophie and Kay Yes We Can Posters - Geraldine and Laura

We’re proud to launch our fab Yes We Can posters!

With photos of eight great local women, these posters show female role models working in engineering and manual trades. The idea is to inspire young women to think about having a go at jobs that would normally be done by men.

We’ve had a limited number of sets printed (including some lush laminated ones) to give away free to secondary schools in Sheffield. We can also arrange a free interactive online session with one of our brilliant role models.

Please contact to find out more.

With thanks to Howmet Aerospace Foundation for funding this project.

Gemma - Quality Engineer

Gemma always knew that she wanted a job that was really interesting. Her work with an international firm based in South Yorkshire gives her that.

Ayesha - Mechanical Engineer

Ayesha won a WEST bursary when she was at Sheffield College studying mechanical engineering. She went on to gain an engineering degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Saffire - Car Mechanic

Saffire did work experience with a major car dealership in Nottingham and loved it. They offered her a technician job and she’s been there for two years.

Audrey - Robotics

Audrey received a WEST bursary when she was studying engineering at Sheffield College. She went on to do a degree in robotics and work in industry. Now she is training to be a teacher to inspire other girls.

Sophie - Aerospace Engineer

When Sophie was 16 she felt stuck. She struggled with maths and didn’t know what she wanted to do. But one of her teachers believed in her, and she found a way to get to university without A levels.

Laura - Builder

Laura set up her own building business a few years ago after her friends kept asking her to work on their houses. It snowballed from there and she hasn’t looked back.

Geraldine - Apprentice Electrician

Geraldine wanted a good job with decent money and retrained to be an electrician. WEST supported her with a bursary and she’s now an apprentice with Guinness Property.

Kay - Plumbing & Heating Engineer

Kay was looking for a practical trade so that she could move to New Zealand. After a plumbing course at Sheffield College and work experience, she landed a good job. It suited her so well she stayed in Sheffield.

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