Fact File

  • Name: Ayesha
  • Age: 22
  • Where from: Sheffield
  • Job: Mechanical engineering graduate (currently job hunting)
  • Favourite place: The Peaks
  • Favourite food: I love every type of food – but mainly my mum’s cooking!
  • Favourite animal: Birds
  • Spirit animal: Dragon
  • Favourite film: Harry Potter series
  • Selfie or polaroid: Selfie
  • Favourite saying: Whatever happens is for the best, every good and bad has lead to me exactly where I am right now
  • Pet Peeve: Feeling I can’t do something
  • Inspirational woman: My mum

Ayesha won a WEST bursary when she was at Sheffield College studying mechanical engineering. She went on to gain an engineering degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Why did you want to be a mechanical engineer?

I love problem solving. Mechanical engineering incorporates maths and art into one profession which makes it amazing.

How did you get where you are?

Having faith, commitment, passion and a lot of supportive friends and family surrounding me.

What are the best things about mechanical engineering?

It’s a challenge. There are so many spectrums of engineering that can challenge the mind in different ways. I love the way it offers so many opportunities and fields that can be explored, for instance Mechanics, design and materials.

Ayesha doing calculations on a whiteboard

Who or what inspired you?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. Having them to guide and believe in me is one of my biggest blessings. They never gave up on me through many tough times so I have been able to pull through and get to where I am now.

What was it like being a girl on a mainly male course?

I have never encountered anything seriously sexist. A lot of my friends on my course were supportive and always there challenging me as an equal, not seeing my gender as inferior.

Ayesha using a machineWhat would you like to be doing in 10 years time?

I see myself working as a more qualified engineer and travelling with work. I would like to maybe start up a charity through my engineering work as that is a big passion of mine.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love reading, watching movies, cooking and helping other people.

What advice would you give to other girls thinking about engineering?

It’s one of the best things I’ve done, so go for it! Don’t be put off by the gender gap. I’ve made some very good friends along the way. I love being able to problem solve and give myself a challenge with what society has deemed to be a male role.
Do what you enjoy – and if engineering is one of them – then pursue it without hesitation.