Yes We Can books

Yes We Can books

Yes We Can and Yes We Can Too! are two brilliant free activity books for children from WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology).

They both show some of the jobs in engineering, science, technology and construction that anyone can do, using illustrations of real-life Sheffield women.

  • Yes We Can Too! is out now and features six female engineers working in industry around Sheffield, including Terri the Civil Engineer, Sarah the Mechanical Engineer and Aisha the Powergrid Engineer. The book is written for 7 – 9 year old girls and boys – but other ages will enjoy it too.
  • Yes We Can features local tradeswomen including Laura the Handywoman, Kay the Plumber and Mandy the Electrician. The book is written for 4 – 6 year old boys and girls – but other ages can have a go too.

Yes We Can and Yes We Can Too! are great for groups of children in school and the community, and someone from WEST (including maybe a female engineer or tradeswoman) would be very happy to come out with some books and do an activity session.

We are currently keen to get bulk copies out to local schools and community organisations. We don’t charge for the books – but we appreciate a donation towards postage.

Yes We Can Too at Sheffield Festival of Engineering and Science 2017: